What A Strange Room

I just wrote this for my Creative Writing class. the guidelines were to describe abstract feelings through the description of a room in 250-300 words…

What a strange room it was. Vivid yellow walls, which the first time I looked upon blinded me. Vigorous tulips and daisies lined the windowsill. The writing desk; placed in order to offer a view through the window, was neatly organized. Candles and incense were always ready to burn and usually one always was. I can remember that first time; the smell of pine and evergreen, instantly made me feel a chill as I remembered the snow of the previous Christmas season. Soft, ambient light illuminated the room and was accompanied by trickling, tabletop, waterfalls. I loved this little room.

                That was 20 years ago. Now I enter the room to see tormented, age-worn walls. No longer a vivid yellow, now streaked with shades of brown as the years were not kind and apparently either was the weather. The flowers on the window sill were a poignant sight. If there was anything left to be seen in the pots at all, it was nothing more than a darkened and leafless stem; wilted and neglected. The once organized desk, was almost indiscernible as it was now covered in forgotten pages upon pages of yellowed sheets of paper. The view through the window was even ruined, as the sight now allotted a view at an unkempt yard; soaring weeds and lengthy grasses. The once enjoyable smell, has become that of hidden mildew and molds. Instead of cheerful  reminiscing, I shudder at the smell and what it means. The only lighting now is from the natural light of the outside world. The light that is not afraid to shine on this distorted room. There was still the trickling of waterfalls however! Yet, I am still unable to locate from whence the leak is located. I loved this little room.