April Showers

The skies darken
And around me
The pressure builds
With a burst, I feel
The first fat drops
Of rain as they begin to

 The flowers
And the trees
Start to reach towards
Each and every drop
For the April showers
Have come, and with them
Have brought back life and

 I, a flower
You, a shower of April
With your laugh and smile
The drops of life
That I begin to reach for
After this latest winter’s

 My sky is dark
And you, the break
Able to burst through the clouds
And wash away the debris
Leaving me rejuvenated and
Blooming, as the sun beams my

I want to be with you
And continue to grow
Through each spring
And the winters
To come, cause dear
You aid me in expansion
And push me past my natural

 I fall for you
Like rain from cloud to ground
Vigorous love
Like a thick trunked tree with deep roots
My deepest freeze, you thaw
Like the snows in spring
Fill me with happiness
Like the songbirds chirping their songs
For the things I would do for you
There truly are no

Walking with the Moon

Surrounded by darkness, there stood a man; Owen

                Face to the sky, wondering why, oh yet again

For as he gazed toward heaven

                There manifested, by his side, a brightness

                                Formed in beauty, she was ageless

                                                Bosom length; the jet black hair of a princess;

                                                                 And a tight white dress

                                                                                Clings to her curves, clearly of noblesse

Enveloped in a vibrant aura, a light in the night

                The perfect embodiment of a confident woman; she was the moonlight


Often when lost, Owen looked to her for guidance

                Comforted by her simple presence

                                Worries and confusions, good riddance

When walking along the paths at night, he often would need her

                To light the way after a blunder

                                For even the darkest path, she made infinitely brighter


Full of terrors and horrors is the eventide

                But to the moon, Owen could tell his fears, and protection she’d provide

By the moon’s glow, around him forms the armor of a knight,

                Full plates and mail, will protect him from any fright

With a sword in hand, he fights back his anxieties

                And as they fall before him, he lightens the weight he carries


Hunched, overwhelmed by life’s burdens

                She takes his hand in hers, and his legs and back she straightens

He pushes on, one step at a time, over and over like the times before

Monotony; an unwelcomed companion on their way to explore

                The means to an end, of the never ending war

And as the night progresses, and by the moon’s light, Owen seeks the path

                To escape monotony and his wrath


Upon finding the path, Owen continues on,

                Into the night, monotony be gone

                                And quickly entering into predawn

The darkness, waxing, waning, much like the moon herself will

                Sun soon rising, like a bright daffodil

                                And Owen’s journey; changes from uphill to downhill


And there burns a fire, in the distant gaze

                A woman, of love and desire, ablaze

The moon, she says go, it is time to leave the darkness of the night

                Smile now dear Owen, for it is time to enter into day’s light

Thus the darkness’ terrors and monotony have been vanquished

                And a new journey shall begin; as the nightly walk with the moon has finished.

Love Is…

I hope to update this post later but I’ve decided to take a break from this piece for the time being…

 Simply, love is happiness.  More than that, love is closing your eyes and smiling as her face forms in your mind. You can remember the sound of her laugh, how she fits perfectly in your embrace, her floral scented perfume and of course, the taste of her lips from your most recent kiss. A glimpse of her beauty brings a breath of fresh air and  rejuvenation. She is your everything. Her smile becomes all that is needed to steal the words from you and you wouldn’t have it any other way. A stupid smile on your face, causes her to laugh that sweet laugh you repeatedly think about. She stands tall in a light pastel colored sundress. Sun shining bright and hot from behind while the soft breeze whips her hair and flutters the skirt of her dress. To you, this is the ultimate embodiment of beauty and strength. The true manifestation of the spirit of a truly beautiful woman.

                I’d do anything for you, to keep you smiling. You are my lantern in a dark world; flame burning strong and bright. You have the power to help me through any situation, no matter how terrible it may seem. The way your presence fills me with life, I could take on any challenge; impossible becoming effortless.